Tech vs Old School


The debate often comes up at home between Mr N and Mrs N as to just how much technology we need in order for our family life to function relatively hitch free. Mr N is committed to his phone, whilst it does all the usual things (text, email, calls – remember them? – social media, Strava) it also runs his work life for him, synching up his devices, diaries, schedules, programs etc.

Whilst Mrs N has in fact a very similar phone to Mr N, hers is not used in quite the same way, it probably could do many more tricks than she allows it to do but at heart she’s a bit more old school than her husband.

The major difference between them being the diary facility: Mrs N seems to be hardwired into requiring the visual prompt that only a wall calendar (six column job, one for each family member and a spare for birthdays, anniversaries) and a chalkboard in the kitchen can give her: it’s almost as if she doesn’t quite trust the planner on her phone to be as reliable as an ‘old fashioned’ i.e. hand written diary. Yes, she’s a list addict like Mrs W, and an avid fan of the Evernote app (feeding the list addict in her) but is rarely without a notebook and pen somewhere about her person. Growing up, Mrs N had a family diary in the kitchen, as one of five kids, the rule was ‘if it’s not in the book, it’s not happening’ so all school info, play dates, sports fixtures, parties, appointments etc were committed (in pen if she was feeling super brave!) to ‘The Book’ and this habit is something her kids have now picked up too…after 15 years together, she’s almost cracked Mr N…but not quite!

Are you all about the tech and gadgetry or are you more old school? Or are you a happy mix of the two? We’d love to hear from you.



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