Christmas SOS

With party season beginning to loom large on the horizon, we’ve listed a few suggestions to get you through from party ready to morning after.

Water – sounds simple, because it is!  You need to stay hydrated in order to function, have dewy skin and not have a sore head the following day!  Make sure you get plenty in you.  Don’t forget the restorative power of H2O extends to the bathroom too, wash it all away with an enlivening or soothing product of choice.

Multi vitamins – with the festive period being a busy time for all –  what with parties, get togethers, late nights and the like, our bodies could often use a little bit more support.  With the best will in the world, you aren’t going to be able to resist all those naughty canapés are you?  Give yourself a boost with a good quality multi vit to see you through, obviously there is no substitute for good diet and exercise, but a helping hand never goes amiss at busy times.


Multibalm – a veritable multifunction product! Soften dry skin/ lips, add gloss, smooth unruly frizzy ends, stop shoes from rubbing (saving that plaster ;))

Cream blush –dual product, add a glow to your face when you feel washed out and peaky, doubles as a lip tint meaning you can leave the lippy behind.

Tinted moisturiser – this is Mrs N’s go to – brightens the face without heavy cover (because she loathes tidemarks on clothes, urgh, and frankly is rubbish at applying anything more technical than this!), her preferred is Origins Vitazing, which has stopped her looking half dead on more than one occasion!

Mascara – a slick of this will open your eyes up a treat and make you look alert even when you don’t feel it.  Mrs W is currently raving about Neals Yard Lengthening mascara, have to say, it looks fab.

Lipgloss – we’re not fans of gloopy, sticky ones, if you aren’t a cream blush double duty girl, this, rather than lippy is far more forgiving to apply after a few drinks. (Again, Mrs Cack-handed N prefers something like NYR lipgloss or a Clinique chubby stick, almost foolproof).

Face wipes – so you know you should remove that make up before bed, but you can’t be faffed, enter your saviour, face wipes.  Take it all over in one fell swoop and launch at the bin on the way towards your pillow.


NYRO Beauty Sleep concentrate – the magic in a pump – clean your face before bed and rub this in and it will leave you looking like you’ve had 8 hours sleep when really you’ve only had half of that. Genius.  You can buy yours from Claire here

Fresh air – a quick blast of fresh air will clear the head and lungs and revive far quicker than a double espresso, honestly.

Aspirin/ paracetamol – if you do wake up feeling a bit ropey, reach for the aspirin or paracetamol rather than codeine based pain relief, which, if you are feeling a bit green around the gills, will add to the feeling of nausea and nobody wants to feel like that for any longer than necessary.

Sleep – your biggest saviour!  Anything is possible after a few hours shut eye, honestly.


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