Have You Got A Minute?


A minute…sounds no time at all. I can remember a feature on tomorrow’s world or some such programme where they stopped people in the street and asked them to stop for a minute and tell the researcher when they thought the minute was up. As I recall, only one person got anywhere close, everyone else stopped at around 30-45 seconds.
Mrs W’s kids have an app for timing brushing their teeth. It lasts for 2 minutes which is actually ages! Here’s a list of a few things that Mrs W can achieve in 2 minutes..

  • Make a cup of tea
  • Clean the bathroom sink
  • Scan through her twitter timeline
  • Clean the loo
  • Make a bed
  • Do an obscene amount of squats, lunges or burpees at a BodyShock class
  • Cleanse, tone & moisturise (only in the morning when there’s no eye make-up to contend with)
  • Listen to the whole of Fell In Love With A Girl by White Stripes

Mrs N is renowned for her 10 minute task list – post to follow soon…

Do you like to tackle things a little at a time or do you set aside lots of time to get things done?


2 thoughts on “Have You Got A Minute?

    • Yes, when you put your mind to it you can get lots done in very little time – the task itself can be a bit overwhelming though and I often spend more time planning than doing!! Thanks for reading Alissa x

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