Roll away from the snooze button

You may not think you are a morning person (Mrs N is very much a morning person, though not always by choice, Mrs W, less so) but according to Laura Vanderkams’s book ‘What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast’ (pub. Portfolio Penguin) the morning is actually when we are at our most productive (sorry sleepyheads).

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this is when our willpower is at its peak as we have yet to be assaulted by the day and the general hubbub family life brings – making it the perfect time to make yourself a list and set some goals for yourself.  The key to this strategy is to ensure that the goal you set yourself is something that will actually motivate you to get up out of your lovely warm bed and tackle the day head on.  It could be as simple as going for a run, or drinking a whole (hot) cup of something all the way to the bottom of the mug or as dream worthy as writing a book.

Both Mrs N & Mrs W keep a pad and a pencil by their beds and use it to empty their heads either just before sleep if they feel overloaded and restless or to log goals on waking.


Above is the pad that Mrs N bought for Mrs W’s birthday.  She especially likes the blurb on the back..

Making a list of things to do is one of the few chores that is both essential for organised productivity and delectable for leisurely procrastination.

Are you a morning person or a sleepyhead?  What goals are you planning to set yourself?   We’d love to read about them…


2 thoughts on “Roll away from the snooze button

  1. Def night time, but since starting a ‘proper job’ I am actually the first up and take 30 mins to myself with a cuppa to catch up on a few worky things and get my head straight before the onslaught of kids, packed lunches, breakfast (which I am also eating now habing found something I can eat and I like in the mornings!). So yes….my aim is to keep up with this and when the winter darkness lifts the dog may even get a walk!!

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