Gangster Wrapping

Christmas tree 2

It’s that time of year when there’s a LOT of paper about, that, come the big day, will be ripped off without a second thought and with a bit of luck will end up in a recycling bag but will most likely go to landfill. It’s not great for the environment and it’s not great for your pocket either – nice wrapping paper isn’t cheap, and let’s be honest, the cheap stuff isn’t nice…
Mrs W has been thinking creative thoughts and has come up with some alternatives…

  • Lets start super cheap – newspaper.  I’m not talking about a red top here but maybe a couple of sheets of pretty pink Financial Times with a ribbon.. Or if you or a friend travel a lot, foreign newspaper would be lovely – I like the idea of Chinese or Japanese news adorning my gifts…
  • This leads on to comics or magazines.  Pick a mag that they like or theme it to the gift.
  • Old maps and atlas pages.  Again, could link to a place with special meaning or just a comedy name!  You could even use a tube or metro map.
  • Sheet music or old books.  Charity shops are stuffed full of stuff that can be used.  Save yourself some pennies, get creative and give to a good cause all at the same time – winner!
  • Another great charity shop find is square silk scarves or indeed a square of any fabric.  The Japanese have an art form called Furoshiki – I found this handy how-to from the Ministry of the Environment.  The beauty of this is that the wrapping can be part of the gift.
  • You can also make gift tags from maps or cut out from envelopes with pretty stamps on the corner.  An old magazine page cut into strips can become a pretty bow for the top.  I’ve even seen old photographic film used as a bow.

You can then get creative on the adornments – re-use ribbons you have,  simple string or twine, then add fresh sprigs of herbs, lavender and rosemary would work really well.  Old buttons or cheap brooches from a charity shop, the only restriction is your imagination!

Mrs W has made a handy Pinterest board if that’s your thing… Click through the links, there’s some brilliant ideas.  You can follow us by clicking the handy button up at the top on the left…

What’s been the best wrapping that you’ve done or have received?  Or, tell us the worst wrapping crime…


2 thoughts on “Gangster Wrapping

  1. Brill ideas! Love the idea of getting old sheet music from a charity shop – would look really pretty. I’m always that person who never has quite enough wrapping for the gift and leaves an inch of unwrapped present peeking through!

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