Drifting Off…

As the festive period approaches rapidly now (no, you cannot hide from it!) we thought we’d take a look at sleep.  Do you struggle to switch off? Some days it can feel like your head is a blender, with lots of ‘stuff’ whirling around wildly in it making sleep seem impossible, and yet other days, we can drop off pretty much before head kisses pillow.  Mrs N is renowned at home for her ability to bash herself in the face mid-sentence with her kindle on a regular basis, other nights she can be resolutely awake despite best laid plans of restorative sleep.  So on those days when it’s tricky, how can you help calm your body and mind?

A bedroom at Eckington Manor

A bedroom at Eckington Manor

Whilst seemingly one of those old wives tales, a warm bath actually has a scientific premise behind it: the warm water raises the core temperature of the body so that when you hop out, you cool rapidly sending your body into a kind of faux hibernation mode… so fragrantly relaxed and hopefully calm, sleep should come easily.  Physical exertion during the day, along with a burst of fresh air is also a sure fire winner for a replenishing sleep as you are less likely to be physically restless at night.  If your brain refuses to quieten, try ‘emptying’ it into a notebook or on to paper before the lights go off.  Scientists have recommended in several articles recently that a ‘tech detox’ at least an hour before you plan to go to bed is advisable and that we should have no electronics in our bedrooms: great in theory, but you have to have a cast iron will to do it!

One thing guaranteed to disrupt your beauty sleep and make you feel less than sparkly on awaking is alcohol.  Although you will sleep, the alcohol will mean that the sleep you get will be of poorer quality than normal and therefore not the magical restorative stuff we need to keep us perky, particularly at this busy time of year.  So, reader beware, while the odd night on the pop can be great fun, string a few nights together like that and you could feel zombified before long! Although it sounds dull, the old adages do ring true: drink water alongside alcohol and don’t drink on an empty stomach or the following day will be a toughie!

What are your ‘guaranteed sleep inducers’ (booze and boring party guests aside)? Is your bedroom a tech free zone? Does that work?! Or do you have a never fail super bath oil or foam that works a treat to send you off peacefully?


2 thoughts on “Drifting Off…

  1. We love Wei Relaxed (www.weiofchocolate.com) dark chocolate with Inner Peace Flower Essences (www.lotuswei.com) to help us through the seasonal rush! Great suggestions about the Tech Detox! We love to drink hot tea too! 🙂

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