Small Business Saturday

Small Biz Sat

This Saturday is the first Small Business Saturday to be held in the UK.

It’s basically encouraging us good people in the UK to support small businesses which both Mrs W & Mrs N think is an excellent idea.

Where else but a small business can you get a personal shopping experience every time you go in?  This appeals in particular to Mrs W as she’s not the world’s best shopper by her own admission.  What she appreciates the most from a small business is the fact that she can go in and tell them who she needs to buy for and what the budget is.  The advice given is tailor made and often works out to be under budget too.  It’s also a good feeling to be rewarding the actual person behind the business when you shop there.

Here’s a very small, small business roundup.  It’s a subject that we both feel passionately about and we don’t want to preach at you because we’re not like that!  Having said that, please support small business wherever possible as they really are the backbone of our country.

The Nest at No 9 a winning combination of vintage pieces and new cutting edge design.  Something for every budget and great service.

Happy Days Toyshop  – a family run traditional toyshop with well crafted toys and really helpful advice

The House Gallery is a great showcase for British Art and Craft and many of the artists and makers are local.

Maison Verte beautiful interiors and a coffee shop – the perfect combination.

Alicia’s offers expert advice and fitting of lingerie and swimwear, with some lovely accessories too.

Although not local (well, it possibly might be) on-line market-places like Etsy, Folksy and Not on the High Street are great ways to support a small business.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I’ll bet if you asked around the playground at pick-up time or in the pub after work on a friday, you’d find a small business owner in some form or another.  It’s worth remembering that when you give over your hard earned money to a small business owner, there is the distinct possibility that your money won’t go on a third holiday home for the CEO, it will most likely pay for ballet lessons or a new rugby kit for their kids or just make it easier for them to pay the mortgage.

Are you a keen supporter of small business in your local area?  Do you try to shop local where possible too? We’d welcome your views on this!


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