Hobbies and Pastimes – what’s stopping you?

Hobbies and pastimes: they’re things kids do right?  As an adult and a parent ‘spare time’ for such pursuits when there’s a pile of laundry/ lists as long as your arm/ chores needing completion, it seems somehow selfish and self-indulgent to let your mind wander to what you could be doing were it not for the aforementioned, let alone actually doing said activity!  However, by dipping a toe back into the waters of pleasurable pursuits and hobbies we can in fact open ourselves up to being even lovelier and more talented than we already are: how great a concept is that?!

As children, we often take part in a whole raft of activities such as swimming, tennis, hockey, climbing, dance, crafting, arty pursuits, rugby – the list is fairly infinite – but as we grow up, these pursuits often fall away, replaced by the mundane but necessary pulls of day to day living like ensuring there is food to eat and the sheets are clean…work etc.  What would *actually* happen though if we dared to carve out a little ‘personal time’ for a hobby or an activity?  Would the world stop spinning on its axis?  Would we drown under the laundry mountain? Of course not, so why can’t we gift ourselves that precious commodity of time?  Is it because if we aren’t working or striving to achieve then we are caring for and nurturing our families or wasting precious time watching mindless dross on TV (justifying it by ‘doing the ironing’): have we actually forgotten how much fun hobbies were?

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

This lead me to wonder, is it because *shh* we’re so darned critical of ourselves?  You know those times when you have professed ‘oh I couldn’t, I’m rubbish at, I don’t have time to, I couldn’t possibly, I’m too busy…’  How about changing the way you talk to yourself ‘well I haven’t tried it for years, but let’s give it whirl, it might be a giggle’…let’s face it, sometimes if we spoke to our friends in the critical way we talk to ourselves, we’d be Betty No Buddies wouldn’t we?  As adults is our fear of failing what holds us back in a way that isn’t really present in our children.   So, what is it that you are secretly yearning to do? Do you write stories? Want to swim once a week? Learn a new craft? Cook for pleasure rather than necessity? Knit? Read a book in peace (and not just the same page over and over, but consecutive ones!)?

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to make a list of things you would like to do/ try, then bin off the old excuses and give something on your list a whirl…for fun…you may even enjoy it!

Let us know what you’re plotting: we’re making our lists.


2 thoughts on “Hobbies and Pastimes – what’s stopping you?

  1. Having read your piece on hobbies, I am inspired to take up needle and thread again and spend my Sunday sewing. Material scraps and a box of lavender are begging to be made into cute lavender hearts. Mrs N might even get one as a gift x

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