Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue….but mine is wearing thin!

Wow; December is marching on a pace – how did that happen?  All those plans (read *lists*) for super organisation suddenly start to seem a bit inadequate.  Is it just us or has Christmas gone into stealth mode this year?  Is it because our local shop only got the mince pies on the shelves at the same time as Halloween  goodies this year rather than as the kids went back to school in September?  Or because it seems to have been less prevalent in the media?  Mrs N for one is quite happy that the bombardment seems to have come a bit later this year, the household is organised (lists, again!) in terms of ‘The Big Day’ – the menu has been decided, presents have been purchased (not 100% so, but enough not to give heart palpitations at the mere mention of Santa!), the tree is up, the kids have made paper chains – even the hound got glittered (tree bombing) and ‘Elf’ has been watched at least once.  What is less pleasing are the grumpy, tired children: yes, it’s been a long term, and there have been plays and carol rehearsals but why are they so crotchety?

Mrs N has a theory: whilst her children have still been eating her out of house and home (standard behaviour), observing their normal bedtimes and out of school activities, what they have been missing out on is PE at school – one Junior N has moaned more than once ‘why can’t we miss RE or maths, why PE?’ she has a point.  Why are they missing this crucial subject?  That would be down to play rehearsals.  Last year was the same, however we also had the ‘excuse’ of bad weather (read Health and Safety mania at school) which meant that many break times were also missed, compounding the inactivity of the day.  When will the schools catch on that yes, we love to see our children performing in these festive productions, but that we also like our children physically tired out at the end of a day, not just grumpy and inactive.  We live in leafy Buckinghamshire: parents send their kids to school with decent coats, turf them out at break and lunchtimes regardless of drizzle/ wind/ temperature.  We have come to the conclusion that children are like dogs (especially boys) and *need* to be thrown out of hot, stuffy classrooms to run about and blow out the cobwebs at least once a day, otherwise they fidget, bicker, whine, play up – all things we’d hate in our homes, let alone a gang of 30 in a classroom all at it!!  So please, a festive plea: gear up, get outside, get active…we’re all much nicer people for it, and surely that’s important too?

Grab a pair of these and get out!

Grab a pair of these and get out!


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