TV Time

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Mrs W gets very excited about Christmas TV.  The trailers start being shown and she gets slightly annoyed that she can’t put them on her generic satellite tv planner straight away – what if she misses one?!

There is of course the seasonal radio and tv programme lists and both Mrs W And Mrs N have fond memories of highlighting favourite shows or circling with a red pen.

These days, there is the added secret world of the red button too – Mrs N kindly alerted me to a Sherlock special being shown on there on Christmas day with the series then starting on New Years day.  *faints with excitement*  The red button is a whole other world of tv with all kinds of extra bits and bobs hidden in your tellybox waiting to be explored – a bit underused in the W household except for Glastonbury coverage and Wimbledon.

Mrs W is most excited by (don’t judge) Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Call The Midwife amongst others.  Mrs N’s household is looking forward to Top Gear, Gangster Granny and a few good films.

We’re both very much looking forward to Kirstie’s Crafty Christmas and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces at Christmas and Death Comes To Pemberley.  There are also all the wonderful Christmas cookery programmes too…

Just need to make sure there’s enough room on the planner as neither Mrs W or Mrs N have any intentions of festering on the sofa this holiday.  Nothing better than a good watch of the telly whilst ploughing through the ironing eh?!


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