Style It Out

Mrs W has finally come to the conclusion that it’s no good her trying to keep up with everyone else in the style stakes.  It’s just not her and shopping is a traumatic enough experience in her opinion!

New tops have been needed (yes, needed!) for a few weeks now and having trawled online and round a few shops to no avail, Mrs W found her-self back at the familiar spot of the snowdome in Milton Keynes.  Low and behold, she bought 2 tops with no fuss or bother and had a choice of a few – unheard of!

Image via Quiksilver

Image via Quiksilver

At the tender age of 38, she has finally figured out that if you stick to your own style and know what shapes and styles fit then you’re on to a winner.  Being of slim build with not much chest, Mrs W suits the surf, skate and snow brands like Roxy, DC,  O’Neill and Animal amongst others with Quiksilver the best for jeans.  Mrs N also knows exactly where to go and loves a combination of Fat Face, Sea Salt, Celtic Sheepskin and Gap for jeans.  It goes without saying that we both love Converse on our toes too!

Image via Quiksilver

Image via Quiksilver

So, now she’s sorted it out once and for all, Mrs W has promised herself that there will be no more trekking around, trying to dress like everyone else and feeling inadequate – she knows what suits and is sticking to it!

This is not a sponsored post – we just have a genuine love for these brands!


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