Music To Get You Moving

Both Mrs W and Mrs N love music as a background to their day.  Mrs N tends to listen to 6Music when she’s busy at home and to her generic mp3 player at the weekends.  Mr N grew up with his Dad playing classical music or opera at mealtimes and, as a consequence, likes to have music on when eating.  The eldest Miss N can often be found drifting off to the sounds of Zane Lowe of an evening.


The first thing Mrs W does in the morning is switch the radio on to 6Music and it will stay on pretty much all day with a switchover to Radio 1 at 7pm for Zane Lowe.   She will listen to a playlist on Spotify if she’s out in the office at the bottom of the garden but it’s a bit chilly this time of year!

There are certain styles of music that suit specific tasks we think… We like old school rave and hip-hop to exercise to but the comfort zone of 90’s music when we’re feeling in need of a bit of nurturing.  Mrs W will often listen to Sigur Ros if she has a lot of writing to do as the lyrics don’t get in the way of her writing as she doesn’t understand them!  An alternative to classical music I guess.

Are you an avid music listener?  Do you listen to the radio or do you prefer cd’s or a playlist?


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