What is all the #fuss about?

Twitter. A word that splits the room in the social circles we hang out in. We both love the Twitter here at Nicholas & White with Mrs N being the resident expert, but it seems to scare a lot of people who seem to think that we all tweet about our breakfast…
It’s hard to explain it to someone who doesn’t use it though. Really hard. Even to those who are very au fait with Facebook. So, instead of me trying to mutter something not very helpful, I’m going to pass you over to this blog by DorkyMum which explains it just excellently. Brilliant isn’t it?
Then we get on to the subject of the #hashtag which is being used all over the shop incl fb. It still surprises Mrs W that when she tags stuff, it gets found and looked at and commented on – who knew?!
Case in point, she instagrammed a pic of a couple of Christmas gifts and tagged in Arctic Monkeys – within minutes, a fair few teens who like the AM were clicking like on a pic of her pj’s (which are all kinds of awesome btw) and albums.


We think a hashtag should be used sparingly though, maybe 2 or, at the absolute most, 3 per post. There’s nothing worse than #trying #to #read #through #the #hashtags. Also, watch your spelling, spellcheck won’t pick it up when preceded by one of these babies. #justsaying

Mrs W has personally learnt loads from twitter,  news updates, “proper” news and otherwise, and we’ve made lots of great “friends” and contacts. We have a joint account here, Mrs N’s personal one, Mrs W has one for NYROrganic, one for her other blog and she tweets for someone else too. We’re yet to have a tweet-up though….
So, if you use twitter, are you following us yet? Click the little button up at the top there… If you don’t use twitter, are you now feeling better about dipping your toe in the water? Go on, we promise we won’t tell you what we had for lunch….



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