A Bit of a Con?


A collection of cons from the Nicholas household

Mrs N alerted me to an article in the Evening Standard the other week which, I admit, I read and then promptly forgot about and then it came knocking at the door of my little brain again the other day.

It was basically about how the ‘lived-in’ look is in high demand, especially it seems for shoes.  Converse typically sell for around £40 a pair but they are being sold as “intentionally vintaged” for £75-£199!

Dear reader, are you agog at this?  I know we are!  What a shame for those deprived people who clearly don’t have enough of a fun life that they can’t scuff up their own shoes…

Looking at my own Cons, it’s like looking at a journal of the past fun I’ve had.  Festivals, gigs, beach holidays, trips to the park with the kids, getting caught in the rain on the way home from a impromptu pub visit…the list goes on.

I’m not sure that I’d want someone else wearing in my shoes – I mean, lets be honest, after a few wears, trainers and the like don’t smell that sweet and that’s your own!

What’s you’re take on this?  Would you pay for the instant ‘lived-in’ look or is it more fun to do the wearing in your-self?  Let us know – we’d love to hear from you…


This was the result of Mrs W wearing fairly new cons to a Kasabian gig – happy days!


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