Calm can be Content…

Recently whilst mooching around on Pinterest, Mrs N came across the below graphic which got her thinking…and talking…

Image via Melody Ross

Image via Melody Ross

Whilst having an active, busy household can be noisy, frenetic and mean being governed by the clock, it ultimately makes Mrs N happy. Obviously she would be thrilled if the middle child didn’t file her washing (clean and dirty) on her bedroom floor or under her bed (she does have adequate storage, just no inclination to use it it seems) or if the dog chose to wipe her paws on coming in from the garden before running through the house or if the chores magically did themselves, but, on the whole life is good and it is also happy. Mrs N may not be performing brain surgery two days a week or going to exotic locations and eating out each evening however she can multitask and juggle a busy family diary with the best of them, and she’s okay with that.
Here at Nicholas and White we’ve noticed a trend of late that is beginning to irk us somewhat. The need to bemoan or belittle every aspect of daily life be it messy kids, the lack of laundry fairies, too many commitments and not enough time to fulfil them, unhelpful partners/ friends, the weather…the list is seemingly endless! Granted we, as a nation, love nothing better than a chat about the weather, and let’s face it, who isn’t over all this wet stuff (webbed feet yet anyone?), but the other gripes, really? These are first world problems, not major issues. Kids are generally messy creatures, and yes, the house could be tidier/ cleaner/ better organised but, you know what? If we logged off social media/ email/ internet/ stopped texting for say half an hour, some of these ‘annoyances’ could actually be dealt with and we could be left feeling a wee bit better about our lot in life.
If you are feeling like life is a bit too chaotic and moan worthy right now, do something about it; take steps to sort it out. Plan your time more efficiently, get a calendar, use it, make use of some of the many apps designed specifically for this very purpose, ask for help (nicely) and be appreciative of it when it’s offered. No time to nip out and do a food shop? Rather than scrolling through Twitter/ Facebook/ Pinterest/ Spotify/ Instagram do an online order and cross it off your list. Feel like you are missing out socially (darn you Facebook and your carefully curated newsfeed!) then organise a night out or a night in if you’d prefer and have a gathering to plan and look forward to. So your little darlings/ partner are messy beasts, ask them to help tidy up, there’s no point being a martyr and they may surprise you (failing that, bribery works a treat!).
We seem to be veering ever closer to becoming an impatient, instant gratification seeking, selfish bunch – oh woe is me! – not exactly a good vibe to be giving off either to our nearest and dearest or our kids, after all who really wants to hang out with a whinger? So, ranty bit over, grab a drink and a pad, it’s time to reassess what *really* matters; this shouldn’t take you long. Make a list of what’s going on in your head/ life right now, using three columns with the headers: important, desirable and ditch. Apportion it all out into the relevant columns and then deal with the most pressing first. Actively take control of the hubris in your head and feel instantly calmer (really!), life is generally good for us all, let’s enhance it by being a bit kinder to each other and ourselves…smile, Spring is just around the corner.


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