Turntable Kitchen

Mrs W stumbled across Turntable Kitchen a little while back – actually, thinking about it, it was on Lauren Laverne’s twitter feed… so it’s got to be pretty good eh?!

Based over in San Francisco, it is the brainchild of Kasey and Matthew and brings together the 2 best things, in our opinion, music and food.

They offer the service of a Pairings Box where, for a monthly fee, you get a box sent to you containing a 7 inch vinyl single, a digital mixtape, 3 themed, seasonal, original recipes and premium dried ingredients, tasting notes and occasional treats.  Plus, good news – for $32  (around £20) a month, they’ll ship it over here to Blighty!

I really love this idea as for me, music and food are the perfect pairing. Music is a big part of both the White & Nicholas households and no food preparation happens without some form of music in the background.  It’s also a great opportunity to try something different in both cases.  Who isn’t always on the lookout for a new recipe or artist/band to listen to?  Just us?!

Of course, you don’t have to commit to the pairings box, hop onto the website as there’s a load of recipes, musical recommendations, interviews and a shop so you can get kitted out.  Their Instagram is worth a follow too if that’s your thing.

Well said Mr Shakespeare...

Well said Mr Shakespeare…

This is not a sponsored post – just a cool thing that we found and wanted to share!


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