Help! Too Many Tabs Open!

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Image via here

We all have those days where your brain feels full to bursting, where there is so much going on ‘up there’ that we are quite simply overloaded and incapable of processing another thought or piece of information. So what can you do to untangle the mess in your head?
The usual process here for us is that old favourite, the list, the trick is how you sort through the jumble of information and get it into a manageable, user friendly format. For Mrs N, this will quite often involve emptying her head of all the virtual Post It notes on to a single sheet of paper; then comes the sort through. Generally speaking, the very act of writing all the information down onto paper will often leave her feeling like space has already been freed up in the brain. The Big List is then sifted into categories (depending on what’s bubbling away up there of course), such as kids, tasks, homework, appointments, correspondence, food, chores, wishful thinking…
Breaking it down into manageable chunks makes it all seem far less overwhelming (honestly!) and, if you are that way inclined, re-writing your list with the various pieces of information split out neatly into category columns or blocks make it all seem easier to deal with. This sifting process is beneficial aside from the obvious already stated above, it can also make you realise that some of the ‘stuff’ that is floating around in your head is taking up valuable space for no good reason – if you are not actually able to deal or resolve something i.e. it’s beyond your control, don’t give it head space.
However, not everyone likes a list…in fact senior Miss N struggles with neat and linear, and having discovered Tony Buzan’s ‘Mind Maps for Kids’, she now prefers to use ‘mind maps’ to lists. Along with using different coloured pens, she finds this process helps her to recall information, plan essays efficiently and quickly (speed is *not* her forte, unless food is involved!), make her writing and ideas flow better. Her ‘maps’ resemble a tree with lots of branches coming off a central ‘trunk’ or theme with an idea or task at the end of each ‘branch’, with some having little branches coming off them too – so using a slightly dull example, your branch maybe ‘chores’ and from this branch the smaller branches would perhaps be laundry, hoovering, clean bathroom. If you click here, you will see better what I am trying to describe!
Whichever process works better for you, make sure you do use it, as often as you need, to free your head up and allow some space for the odd day dream, creative pursuit, reading, mediation if that’s your thing or simply to guarantee a decent sleep!


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