5-10 Minute Tasks

Have you got 5 mins?

Have you got 5 mins?

So, you have a ‘spare’ 5 to 10 minutes, it’s actually a bigger chunk of time than you think it is, why not make it super productive with a couple of these suggestions…
• Book appointments that have been lingering on your list
• Pay bills online
• Fold a pile of washing
• Tackle the ‘man drawer’ – don’t deny it, every house has one! If you’ve not used it in 12mths, bin it
• If whatever you’re cooking doesn’t need constant attention, spend the time unloading/ reloading ‘the staff’ (washing machine, dishwasher, tumbler etc)
• Wipe the kitchen counters down, clear the draining board by putting it all back in its rightful place
• Whip round with the hoover downstairs
• Delete useless/ unused/ always failing apps from your phone
• Recycle the junk mail building up in the corner
• Bin any plastics that no longer have matching lids/ are warped/ not fit for purpose
• Give the loo and sink a quick swish round, change the hand towel over
• Sort through the receipts in your purse/ handbag/ wallet – bin the rubbish and the scrunched tissues
• On the subject of bags, take out any excess/ duplicates – how many pens/ lipbalms/ glosses do you really need in there?
• Scan your inbox – do you really read all of those newsletters you subscribed to? In the time it takes to delete a mail without reading, you could have unsubscribed from the mailing list
• Is your desktop littered with shortcuts? Do you use them all? If not recycle the ones you aren’t using and the copies of docs you’ve saved elsewhere, added bonus is the next time you open the screen, it will look organised not chaotic
• Update your calendar with all those dates that have recently come home from school, then bin the letters (a step too far for you? Take a snap shot of the letter on your phone so you still have it there ‘just in case’)
• Go through your medicine box/ cupboard, take any out of date or no longer required drugs to your local pharmacy who will dispose of them safely: DO NOT put in your household bin!
• Open the windows and let some fresh air in
• Empty the rubbish out of your car
• Sick of junk mail which is addressed to you? Sign up for free to http://www.mpsonline.org.uk. It’s worth noting however that if junk is addressed to ‘the occupier’ or similar, then Royal Mail are obliged here in the UK to deliver – grr they are crafty!
• Likewise, unsolicited phone sales calls can be greatly reduced via http://www.tpsonline.org.uk, again a free service
• Make yourself a fresh list of what needs to be done *this* week – not a wish list, but a realistic one you can keep to and achieve
• Send someone a quick text or email just to let them know you were thinking of them, we all need to feel loved sometimes


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