What an Exciting Week!

Firstly an apology: we’ve been a quiet on the blog front of late, marginally better on Twitter! Life seems to have been very busy this month what with one thing and another and we are sorry for neglecting you dear Reader.

Last week was a particularly busy one with the middle Miss N and Eldest Miss W going away on their first residential school trip to Ironbridge (and Cadbury World – can you guess which the kiddies enjoyed most?!), the Junior Mr N and Junior Miss W were also off on another school trip to a toy museum and Mrs N had a very exciting day out in London which required a posh frock and best manners on parade. For you see, Mrs N’s Daddy was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours list! Cue much excitement, secrecy and planning.

The day itself was incredibly special, with HRH Duke of Cambridge doing the Honours so to speak, in the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace, flanked by Ghurkha Guards and Yeomen Guards. As we sat patiently waiting for The Big Moment we whispered about how many Heads of State and other VIPs had sat on the banquettes and twirled across the dance floor before us, and rather naughtily chuckled at some of the names of other awardees on the list (Mrs N is due to be an Aunty this week so was ‘helping’ her brother with names). It was a morning filled with immense pride, a very long queue for official photos, a rare peek inside one of our most iconic buildings, watching the Yeomen squeeze into the back of a horse drawn carriage to go back to the Tower and a good look at HRH Prince William (no baby puke on his uniform you’ll be thrilled to know!).

We whisked ourselves off to The Ritz for a celebratory glass of fizz (or two) and the most delicious lunch with friends and family, followed by cocktails at the Royal Automobile Club on Pall Mall. The day was made extra special by Mrs Ns brother being there as he not only lives over the Atlantic in Los Angeles, but his wife is due to deliver another beautiful boy tomorrow…though I imagine she may not be *as* impressed with the name concocted after several alcoholic beverages that Mr N and her husband came up with…’Tiberius Storm’ anyone?!

Normal service is to resume on the blog, in the meantime, I leave you with my very proud Dad and his award.

Mrs N x



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