Irrational fears.  They’re so…irrational right?!  I’m going to confess that I have a fear of spiders.  A real fear.  The kind where I can’t even see one on the TV or cinema screen.  Silly eh?  I don’t live in a country where there are spiders that might harm me and lets face it, the one’s we get here in Blighty aren’t that big comparitively are they?  (I can hear the Australians chuckling).  Still, I have the FEAR.

The Etsy shop this came from is no longer open but the reality is dull tumblr is pretty cool

The Etsy shop this came from is no longer open but the reality is dull tumblr is pretty cool

I also can’t swim in water where I can’t see the bottom.  There might be all kinds of creatures/monsters lurking in the depths (can spiders swim?).  This may be the reason that given the choice, I’d choose mountains over the sea.  Unless it’s Fiji, then I’d choose there.

Birds spook the heck out of me too.  I think it’s the beady little eyes, I can feel them boring into my soul.  I have had to call upon friends a couple of times now for them to hero up and rescue me and my house from a bird that the cat has brought in – ALIVE.  I was also picked on (literally) whilst in Australia when a crow decided to swoop down and PECK MY HEAD.  REPEATEDLY.  My then boyfriend, now husband, had to literally punch the bird off me.  Taumatising for me but probably quite hilarious for a passer-by!

So there you have it, my top 3 of fears that are fears for no reason.  Are you scared of anything?  Do share, as then I won’t feel so alone…(which I’m fine with by the way)

Mrs W x


2 thoughts on “The FEAR.

  1. I do! I share your fear of swimming in the water where I can see the bottom. Well I do swim but then I fix my eyes to the sky and believe me, I look like a complete moron. 😀

    + deep fear of flights since I became an engineer (soo ironic right?!)
    And fear of bugs of any kind…

    My friend, you are not alone. 😀

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