‘New To Us’ App Roundup!

  • Bloom.fm – is the online equivalent of your local library, however, you aren’t borrowing books, but you can borrow something for your ears instead. A 22 million-strong library of songs and hundreds of radio stations that stream for free if you don’t fancy getting yourself subbed up. Prices (per month) start from £1.49 for 20 tracks, £5 will get you 200, while £10 provides you with as many as you can handle. Available on Android and iOS
  • Circa – Smartphone users have traditionally visited the website of their favourite newspaper or lifestyle publication for their daily news fix. Many of these websites have produced their own apps for an experience better suited to mobile. Circa, is a little bit different… It’s available purely in app-form and been designed to make it easier to keep tabs on breaking news stories. Circa editors distil news into the essential latent points so the user doesn’t feel as though they’re being bogged down with details or having to trawl through huge amounts of text to get to the bare bones of a story. With Reuters’ social media editor on board too, it should be a grower. Available for both iOS and Android.
  • Sportlobster – Sportlobster is a social network designed around your favourite sports and promotes itself as a “one-stop shop for sports fans”. The app lets users track their favourite teams and sports, view live standings, fixtures and results, as well as make predictions on the outcome of the match, race or game. It actively encourages armchair pundits to pen their own articles for the rest of the community to discuss and share. Worth a follow on Twitter too – if you are sports minded. Available on iOS
  • Younity – pumped up cloud storage … provides the user with access to all of their files, across multiple devices, at the same time, eliminating the need for syncing completely. It also allows you to share your files with other younity users. Available free on iOS devices
  • Songkick – Allows fans to track their favourite artists/bands, keep tabs on upcoming ticket details and tour dates. SongKick collates its information from all over the web, even if your tastes are slightly obscure you won’t feel left out. Available on Android and iOS
  • Cameo – Do you find that Vine videos frustrate you? Thank heavens for Cameo then, an app that aims to challenge the world of mobile video. The app (together with the cloud) lets users edit clips and transform them into two-minute-long short films. Available on iOS
  • Link Bubble – The smartphone internet browser that you have been waiting for! It aims to bypass slow loading times by always opening your links in the background, thus allowing you to continue what you’re doing until your link is ready. The app will also integrate with your existing apps, for example, it will always load videos using your YouTube app. It will even smugly remind you how much time it’s saved you. Available for free for Android devices.
  • PayPal app – looks set to make it easier to pay for your meal at a restaurant, or order a takeaway. The online payment company has teamed up with over 2,000 high street shops and restaurants, making it possible to pay through PayPal using just your smartphone. Available free for iOS and Android devices.
  • AlarmPad – who enjoys the sound of their morning alarm going off? Sadly, an app is unlikely to change that, however AlarmPad is looking to make it a little easier on your fuggled brain… the app (hopefully) will wake you up, and can also greet you with weather reports and a reminder of your calendar activities for the day. Even better, it can be deactivated using your voice, which might make going back to sleep a little bit too easy…Available free for iOS and Android devices.
  • DocuSign Mobile – The ability to fill in forms online and on mobile devices is great, but when it comes to signing them, scanning in a signature can be ridiculously frustrating (just us?!). No matter what the format, DocuSign will allow you to scrawl your signature on screen and add it, wherever you need it to be. Available free for iOS and Android devices.
  • Booktrack – A lovely app for the bookworms among you, booktrack aims to give your reading a new soundtrack. An e-reader featuring thousands of different books, both classic and contemporary, but what sets it apart from the many other e-readers on the market is that it gives each book its own specifically designed soundtrack. Available free for Android devices.
  • Pocket – An app that lets you save for later – put articles, videos, text, pictures or pretty much anything into Pocket. Save directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook… If it’s in Pocket, it’s on your phone, tablet, Kindle, Kobo, computer etc. You don’t even need an Internet connection to view later when you have time. Available on Android and iOS free.

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