I love the change in the seasons and Winter to Spring is my favourite.  I got married in spring, mostly because of the seasonal flowers for my bouquet!  I love how you can see the buds blossoming into leaves and flowers and the change is noticeable day by day.

It’s raining here today as I write this but as I look out of one window there is a blanket of three or four different shades of green leaves and out of the other I can see my garden with an abundant colour palette of greens, creams, pinks,  yellows, purples and a deep reddy maroon of the acer in the corner which is perfectly complimented by the sage green of my shed. There is a wonderful scent to the air too, there is lots of lilac on our walk up to school and it’s so lovely to see the wisteria blooming too.

20140508-100439 am.jpg

Nature is so grounding isn’t it?  Without wanting to sound like a tree-hugging hippy (which is ALL kinds of cool by the way if that’s your thing!) we need to take time to connect with Mother Nature as often as we can.  Get outside, breathe some air – hopefully you’re not suffering with hay-fever.  Walk barefooted on dewy grass – I often hang the washing out in my bare feet when it’s not sub-zero.  Even a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase near your desk lifts the spirits.

Which season do you like best?  Are you yearning for summer to arrive or do you miss winter?

Mrs W xx



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