What’s Your Therapy?

Here at N&W it’s been all kinds of crazy of late with all sorts of things going on, taking up headspace and time which has meant we’ve been a little neglectful of our readers and we are very sorry. Between us we have, as you know, 5 children, 2 husbands, a dog and a cat, all of whom require varying levels of attention…and seemingly endless feeding! The eldest Miss N has just taken her SATs exams, throughout which she was quite the level-headed superstar (no diva like meltdowns), alongside the academia there has been end of season rugby medals x2, a rock climbing competition, new season of cricket starting, many miles on two wheels by Mr N, Mr W has been poorly so no running for him, a Brownie promise, cow milking for the youngest Mr N and Miss W as part of the Farm schools project, tennis lessons, barbecues, Mrs W’s online shop set up…and of course general family life too. Phew! No wonder heads are reeling a little here.



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All this got us thinking: what’s your therapy? What do you turn to as your fail safe when your head is full of white noise and jumbled thoughts? We both know that when the noise in our heads becomes deafening, the most noticeable absence in our lives is music: the radio is silent, which as a pair of music lovers who start the days by synchronising the kettle and the radio, seems inherently odd. Generally speaking, music is our constant daily soundtrack, if we pop in on each other and there’s no noise, it will automatically trigger the boiling of a kettle and the question ‘what’s up?’ For Mrs N, cleaning/ ironing/ organising is an instant soother (something inherited from her mum!), exercise (preferably outdoor, whatever the weather) is another head clearer, alongside planning/ list writing and talking things through. For Mrs W, smashing a few tennis balls about is a good tension buster, again with list making and talking things through, usually with a ‘90’s soundtrack and a gallon of tea for good measure!

Go on, spill the beans, tell us what you do to soothe your soul…

Mrs N x


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