Our 9 Best Back to School Picks

Yes, yes, I know – we’re only a few days into August but September will soon roll round and those slightly too big school jumpers and stiff new shoes will soon be out of the wardrobes and on our little darlings.

We’ve been looking at those items that somehow are *needed* each new school year,  pencil cases, bags and lunch boxes.  Just click on the picture to be taken through to the site.

Feldman pencil case

Feldman Pencil Case £5.00 from Blott

Waldo Pancake

Waldo Pancake Kevin Pencil Case £6.50 from John Lewis

abc pencil case

Boutique Green Pencil Case £6.00 from M&S


girls herschel

Herschel Settlement Kids Backpack £40.00 from Alphabet Street


Navy Satchel

Navy Leather Satchel £43 from Zatchels


tartan backpack

Mi-Pac Mini Backpack £24.99 from John Lewis

Pow Lunch Box

POW Lunch Box £10 from John Lewis

Beatbox Lunch Box

Beatbox Lunch Box £6.50 from Paperchase

Gauch Glam Lunch Box

Gaucho Glam Lunch Box £9 from Paperchase

Obviously this is not the be all and end all, there are LOADS of lovely things in the shops right now and fairly reasonably priced too.

Of course, the thing we get most excited about here at Nicholas and White is the joy of a new school calendar!  There’ll be a post to follow soon about getting organised and ready for Back To School.

Hope you’re enjoying summer!

Mrs W xx


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