Ten tips to get Back To School ready

I always think that September is almost as good as January for getting your head straight and organised for the few months ahead.  I try and use it as a chance to have a good old clean and sort out too – an Autumn instead of Spring clean if you like.

Image from here

Image from here

I’ve been thinking of how to make the start of school as easy as possible and with good habits, we’ll get through to July again with no hassles!

These are in no particular order…

  1. Have a family calendar on the wall, where all the family can see it – Mrs N favours one with multiple columns similar to this… oh, and make sure you write on it!
  2. Plan ahead, make sure there is clean uniform for the next day for the kids each evening and I find it helps to have a brief think about what I’m going to wear too.  Mrs N gets hers to change into home clothes when they get in to save on school uniform panic washing and break the connection with the school day, helping them unwind.
  3. Have a quick glance at the calendar each evening so you know what’s coming up over the next day or so.
  4. Mrs N gave me this tip and it’s a gem.  Have a magazine file for each child and then file away anything that comes home in their box.  Make sure you have a little clear-out periodically or else it can get a little out of hand!
  5. Any letter or party invite that comes home – deal with straight away.  Write the date of event or whatever on the calendar, RSVP and then file away in the box.  Things then *shouldn’t* be forgotten.  Mrs N has a tendency to go overboard and not only put it on the wall calendar, but also in her phone calendar, if it’s an important school letter, she often photographs it so that it doesn’t get swept away in a cleaning frenzy!
  6. School meals menus – deal with these straight away, mark them on the calendar too to avoid phone calls from the school office asking you to pop a lunch up to your poppet!
  7. Have a set time for homework.  I try and get mine to at least make a start on it the day it comes home.  We have a quick snack then sit down at the dining table and crack on.  This completely depends on your child obviously but there’s nothing worse than frantically scribbling something down 5 minutes before it’s due in is there?!  This also leaves your weekends free to be a family without schoolwork encroaching into fun.
  8. I’m lucky as I work from home and am around after school, I know this isn’t practical for all but I try and keep after school clubs to 2 or 3 a week.  This leaves time for them to unwind and get the homework done too and still have some energy in the bank for the weekends.
  9. Mrs N has her three in the routine of putting lunchbox items into the dishwasher as soon as they come in, getting them to do a quick tidy up of their bits before sitting down to tea so that the time after a wash is quiet rather than her frantically tidying up/ ‘recycling’ precious artworks/ homework whilst trying to listen to reading practices.
  10. Have a quick tidy round the house and switch the dishwasher on before you go up to bed – mornings are manic enough, you don’t want to be faced with a sink full of dirty dishes on top…

Here’s to a smooth start to the school year!

We’d love to hear any tips that you have too – leave us a comment!

Mrs W x


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