Brought together by a mutual love of Converse, stripes, music, laughter, tea & gin (but not together)…oh and kids.  Mrs N and Mrs W decided that they’d like to share their passion for having fun and finding lovely and useful things.

Mrs N has a dog…

Mrs W has a cat.

Mrs N has a husband who cycles…A LOT..

Mrs W has a husband who runs – not quite as much.

Mrs N has 3 children…

Mrs W has 2 children.

Mrs N is neat and organised…

Mrs W is neither.  (Mrs N is working on this)

Mrs N likes Mid-Century Modern…

Mrs W prefers vintage.

Mrs N is a PC…

Mrs W is a Mac.

Mrs N dislikes rudeness…

Mrs W dislikes tardiness.

Mrs N loves being outside, especially by the sea…

Mrs W loves being outside, especially up a mountain.

Mrs N loves cooking…

Mrs W is more of a baker.

Mrs N runs a tight ship…

Mrs W has a more *creative approach.        *messy

Welcome to the world of Nicholas & White!


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