New term, fresh starts

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Certainly Autumnal here today, blue skies, bright sunshine, fresh breeze, heavy dew and the unmistakable tang of change in the air.  Seems like the kids have been back at school for longer than two weeks already, rugby training and hockey are back, the slow cooker has been dusted off in anticipation of post chilly touchline lunches and fresh plans are being hatched.

Regular readers will have noticed that Mrs White has been very quiet for a while, she’s super busy, and as such has decided that she cannot commit to writing here too, so Nicholas and White is just Nicholas now.  I’m not planning a rebrand or giving up the blog, but thought I should let you all know what the score was.

Rest assured that Mrs W and I are still the best of friends: no mega fallout, just that old chestnut of family and work lives being busy and time being scarce.  I may well be tapping up some friends for guest posts in the future (consider yourselves on alert people!), but for now, it’s just me and my musings, on here, on Twitter and of course Pinterest too.

A proper post to follow, but thought I’d get this one out there in the meantime.

Love as ever,

Mrs N xx